Blaine Whisenhunt, M.F.A.
Blaine Whisenhunt, M.F.A.
Blaine Whisenhunt, M.F.A.

Blaine is a contemporary artist and academician who works in a variety of media ranging from video art, digital film, installation, architecture, sound, and object/material

Academic Bio:

Associate Professor Blaine Whisenhunt joined the Drury Art and Art History Department in 2004 to develop the Sculpture studio and curriculum. Since that time he has taught Drawing, Foundations of Studio and Design, all levels of Sculpture, Video Art, Drawing, and served as Assistant Director of the Masters Program. He is currently developing a Filmmaking and Video Art course for the University and will serve as program director for Ethical and Global Foundations in Greece, a study abroad program for summer 2014 and 2016.

Blaine is an accomplished musician, designer, and visual artist. His music, which can be associated with the emerging New Weird America or Post-Punk Blues indie music genres, has been reviewed in various music publications including Dirty Linen and Sing Out!  Blaine is currently recording and performing with the Ozark Sheiks (Founding member, Singer, Guitar, Song Writer).

Though trained as a sculptor, Blaine considers himself to be a post-media contemporary artist whose work is not reliant on a specific medium, discipline or style. He sees his work as a vehicle for socio-political and cultural criticism, underpinned by a nexus of timeless and emerging philosophical inquiries. More recently his work has explored a shared language with architecture as represented in recent examples Rhizomatic Grotto (large scale public installation) and Rhizome (solo exhibition).  Blaine's work has been shown nationally and internationally in both group and solo exhibitions including New York City, San Francisco, and Glasgow, Scotland.


Scholarly Research Interests/Projects:


“Architecture is inhabited sculpture” -Constantin Brancusi

The relevance of tectonics to both sculpture and architecture will be examined via a variety of sculptural and architectural means, purposely activating the theoretical and pragmatic territory they share. Engaging directly with explorations in materiality, the project aims to arrive at innovative modalities in both architectural and sculptural practice that will in turn catalyze ways for each to provide agency for the other. With tectonics as a driving force, a diverse series of sculptural experimentations and architectural design investigations (using mostly common methods and materials such as concrete, wood, steel, conventional construction) will seek to demonstrate the ability for both art and architecture to be holistically conceived and then iteratively and poetically developed through self-referential design methodologies.


Exhibitions/Galleries/Etc. |


            Run Devil Run, Music Recording

             Producer, Rick Parker

             The Ozark Sheiks, Founding Member


             Rhizomatic Grotto(Outdoor

            Sculpture/Participatory Installation)    

            with Art of Space

            65’ x 45’ x 13’

            Springfield Art Museum


            Rhizome(Solo Exhibition)

            Pool Art Center Gallery

            Springfield, Missouri


            Emerge  (Outdoor Public Installation)

            Visiting Artist and Project Director

            Art of Space


            MART:  After Five (Group Invitational)

            Pool Art Center Gallery

            Springfield, Missouri


            Mission Accomplished

            (National Invitational Exhibition)

            Decade Retrospective Exhibition,

            Participating Sculptor and Panel Participant

            Athens Institute for Contemporary Art

            Athens, Georgia


            Art Department Faculty Show (Group Invitational)

            Pool Art Center, Drury University

            Springfield Missouri


            MOAK 4 State Regional Exhibition 2010

            (Juried Biennial Exhibition, AR, OK, KS, MO)

            Springfield Art Museum

            Springfield, MO


             CoRE House Proposals (Competitive Design Exhibition)

            Hagerman New Urbanism

            Springfield, MO



Indoctri-N A T I O N Pool Art Center Gallery, Springfield, MissouriMarching Orders University of Arkansas Fine Art Gallery, Fayetteville, ArkansasSinkholes and Reflection Pools Murphy Foster Gallery, Baton Rouge, LouisianaSolving for X Murphy Foster Gallery, Baton Rouge, Louisiana MOAK 4-State Regional Exhibit 2008 Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MissouriHome of the Brave: Politics, Propaganda, and Patriotism FGCU Art Gallery, Fort Myers, Florida Playing for Keeps Atlantic Gallery, New York CityWHYGTS? 2007 Atlantic Gallery, New York CityMOAK 4-State Regional Exhibit 2006 Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MissouriTerror? Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, CaliforniaAmerica on the Brink: A Political Exegesis Under the Aegis of the US DAT ATHICA: Athens Institute for Contemporary Art, Inc., Athens, GeorgiaWhat Have U Got 2 Say? 2006 Mana Fine Arts Gallery, Jersey City, New JerseyLiberty and Security in a Post 9/11 World Pool Art Center Gallery, Springfield, MissouriArt Not Oil Mono Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.Works on Paper LSU Union Art Gallery, Baton Rouge, Louisiana No Dead Artists Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana


M.F.A., Sculpture, Louisiana State University, 2000B.F.A., University of Central Arkansas, 1997